I don't claim to be an expert cook. Or a fancy cook. In fact, I never used to really enjoy cooking. So this is mostly about low fuss, filling and tasty meals, and really just anything I have a go at and decide to share along the way!! My top priority is avoiding additives and preservatives wherever possible closely followed by using whole/less processed/healthier ingredients. But for those who would like conventional options that are quick tasty and cost effective, I would like to share tips on all of these as well!!

Reasons why I LOVE the Thermomix!!

I love that I can make practically everything from whole ingredients easily, allowing way more nutrition going into us than processed foods - pasta, rice milk with brown rice, whole grains, Juices not from concentrate, cheap pot-set yoghurt, easily doing tomato pasta sauces etc, freshly made mayonnaises etc. Bread with 5 ingredients, cutting out soy products from pizza bases, bakery products etc. Vege stock from fresh food no additives.

Getting rid of all additives - making fresh butter spread from cream, Vege stock from fresh food, fresh peanut butter, substituting rapadura for sugar that would be in commercial peanut butters etc, Jams, lemon butter, other spreads made easily and quickly, no packet flavours - fresh chillis, garlic, onions, herbs in everything we eat. For me, it is about getting back to the most original form of food!!! Providing my children with the best chance of a healthy body and life because I have the ability to give them proper food but not cause myself stress because of lack of time. Processed foods give us convenience, but they don't give us health... Thermomix gives the ability for both convenience and health!

Not carrying hot saucepans etc and draining with babies and small kids around - also a benefit for older people. I put in raw ingredients, come back to a fully cooked meal that i easily lift out with a handle on a jug which is much more secure than a heavy saucepan. Rice basket is lifted out with Spatula and small amount of liquid is left in bowl. All vegies etc are steamed in the Varoma that is simply lifted off.

The time saving on meal prep!!! Once you get used to the recipes and steps, its super easy to throw in, saute a couple of minutes, set to cook for 20 minutes and leave! Tend to children, homework, shower ready to go out, or a favourite - HAVE THE KITCHEN CLEAN BY THE TIME YOU SERVE UP!

The timer is brilliant- unexpected distractions, phone calls etc, doesn't set you back and also doesn't pose a danger - it will keep going for you and stop when it is finished! Also, no danger of the stove top being left on by accident - this used to happen occassionally in our house and it always worried me.

I don't use the microwave any where as much - like to stay away from things that change the molecular structure of our food. So eg making smooth porridge from wholegrain oats, more nutritious and less refined all timed and quick! Defrosting can be done in Varoma and I have been known to reheat leaftover sauces from curries etc in varoma, while steaming extra vegies over a new batch of rice!!! Cheap way to extend leftover sauces etc for a second meal. Also energy saving!!!

I actually do juicing now as it is super easy to clean and always on your bench ready to go! Unlike conventional juice extractors... you also have the benefits of the fibre etc from the whole fruit and not having an overdose of fruit sugars. You also make a lot more juice out of a lot less produce!!

Baking mixtures... well, again, it is always ready to go, with scales inbuilt, literally weigh an ingredient in from the container, replace container, continue!!!! So easy and fast, easy to whip up fruit muffins before school or if you have an unexpected visitor, quickly put together a tea cake without pulling out your scales, mixmaster, cups, and making one generally large mess!!! Again, making it easy to substitute spelt flours, rapadura, proper salt rather than over processed salt, sugar and flour that has zero nutrition, bleaching agents and chemicals etc etc!

Treats and desserts that are healthy and super quick and easy - no additives, and cheaper!

I can grind seeds and nuts etc that we usually wouldn't eat much of that are really good for you, which are more easily digested because they are ground up, and easily add them into our smoothies with greens and fruit and ice.

The Thermomix give you more options with the food in the fridge or pantry - make chicken mince patties with carrot and zucchini and onion that I have just thrown in and chops in 4 seconds when I just have some chicken fillets. Almonds = meal for biscuits, = chopped for part of CADA - a yummy breakfast, or biscuits cakes etc, = ground up for almond milk!!! Blend, chop, sautee, mince, grind - the options are endless!

Preservative free breads, pizza bases etc - can all be made fresh without going to the supermarket!! Just pantry ingredients!

Don't run out of milk if i need it in something cause I just make a dairy free milk using pantry items!

Pot Set Yoghurt using your choice of milk for less than half the price of bought yoghurt!

Have you thought about how many packets and containers you don't buy because you buy larger quantities and make your own? We don't buy cartons of yoghurt, juices, icecream or custard, buy larger packets of pantry items and buy less cans, and use fresh ingredients as our flavourings.

Temperature control - more flavoursome, faster cooking, tempering chocolate easily, not scalding milks.... awesome!!

The fact that you chop in the Thermomix and the flavours and juices stay in the bowl rather than being absorbed into a chopping board/ mat - I would pay the money again just for my onions!!!!

Space saving!!! Getting rid of so many appliances was fantastic. And it's easy to take on holidays (yes, I even take it away on weekends.... sad but true). You still have all the capabilities of cooking yummy meals, drinks and desserts in one compact unit!

Love the ability to be creative if I feel like it and try something I would never have dreamed of when I have the time because it is so simple to follow the instructions...

But also love that when I don't have time, it provides quick, healthy fresh reliable meals in a short amount of time with minimal effort! Most week nights I spend about 5 - 10 minutes "cooking"!!!

It is so easy to use that it gives people that cannot cook the ability to cook! It also encourages partners to have a go at things they may not usually either - for the AVERAGE male, they will not pull out the mixmaster and start baking cookies... but give them a GADGET to operate, and they will be more than happy to throw in some ingredients and enjoy the results from the oven!!

Love using less energy cause I steam and cook at the same time!

Love that I don't wash up 3 saucepans and a frying pan each night!

More likely to steam which is healthier than boiling, and I never burn my onion and garlic when I am trying to chop up my next batch of ingredients in a hurry!!

For the creative cook, there is just a world full of possibilities!!!! And you can cook so much more with the time it saves! Yay!!

I could go on and on, but they are MY reasons!!!!! Have I missed anything obvious???!!!

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